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. earlier there was about 100 people who were out at civic center station. ktvu was the only station to have live pictures. here are the pictures from earlier in the day when the protesters were downstairs. they are protesting the july 3rd shooting of bart police officers. protesters wanted bart officers charged in the police force disbanded even with dozens of bart standing by, that prompted the closure of civic center station. >> people decided they were going to put people's lives at risk and we had to make the decision to shut down the station. >> it was fairly peaceful. people were marching around saying, no justice, no peace. things got a little heated when a bart train stopped and people tried to push their way in. >> reporter: right now you can see the remnants of some of those protesters moving down market street. they are being trailed by san francisco police officers on motorcycles and vehicles as well. bart police have told us in the last 10 minutes that they have not made any arrests. it's unclear right now it's san francisco police made any arrests, too. we have learned that ba
the protest. reporting live, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> if you are just joining us, we have been bringing updates since the beginning of ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. a protester on the platform at the civic center station tried to climb on top of the train. you can see protesters helping him up there and bart police officers pulling him down. >> here is a look from an hour ago, to give you a perspective, you can see an organizer trying to rally the protesters before the train rolled in. the demonstration started in a orderly fashion with protesters marching and chanting but that was before the shoving match breck out drawing in protesters and bart authorities and the media and commuters who were trying trying to get out of there. that was the last train that stopped before bart officials ordered everyone out and shut it down and now the station is completely shut down. it has a muni platform and a bart platform. we showed you the live pictures. no one is being allowed into the civic center station. at 5:00, david stevenson was talking about how the commuters were upset. we w
>>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. >>> developing news tonight as police in hayward investigate a edly encounter that happened at a 76 gas station. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. there has been a deadly shooting this evening in hayward. a call to the ktvu first alerted us to the homicide. the victim was sitting inside a gold cadillac. ktvu's patty lee is standing by at the intersection of west henson and tararoga and joins us with the live report. >> reporter: investigators and the coroner's office arrived about 15 minutes ago to process the crime scene which is basically centered under that white tent which was structured by police. under that tent is the gold four-door cadillac. according to police, inside the car is an african american male about 25 years old. we're told he was shot several times through the driver's side window in the head, chest and shoulder. police tell me some of the calls started coming in around 5:30 with reports of gunshots. then they were flooded with cal
they are developing a fix that will be available in an upcoming software update p jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> allegations of hacking are calling for calls of a boycott. >> actor hugh grant is among those supporting a boycott of news of the world. they are accused of hacking into the voicemail of a teenage murder victim. grant says he is one of many celebrities that has had their phones hacked. the scandal is expected to go to news core. >>> facebook is launching a video chat feature. mark zuckerberg announced the new feature powered by skype. >> i can go and click 'call him' and in real time you can go and click. it takes 10-20 seconds. >>> president obama use twitter today. in 11 minutes we will look at how his tweets could factor in to his reelection campaign. >>> the ninth court of appeals says that speech must be voided. congress repealed the policy -- "don't ask, don't tell" must be voided in congress repealed the policy in september. >>> leland yee says he won't meet with mexican authorities to make sure they keep up the search for seven men missing at sea. >> evidence that individ
that this is tragic news and he died trying to help others. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> not to oakland where we are following developing news be we are learning than two men i -- two men are in custody related to a woman's death. police say they are considered persons of interest in this case. >>> right now in san francisco dozens of demonstrators are marching in protest at the shooting of a parole by police. >> protesters made their way into the station. they are upset that officer on thursday. police say that the shooting was justified because harding fired at officers. >>> in the meantime san francisco police released results today showing that harding had gunshot residue on is running it. harding was a parole from washington state to. >>> a veteran police officer accused of giving confidential information to the hells angels is now in courts be he provided dmv information to a santa cruz hell's angel member. he based his wonders criminal courts -- is he faces criminal counts including conspiracy. >>> as christien kafton reports, this case involves suspects who might hear in the ba
. >>> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> one of them actually struck the pilot in his face, that's when everybody jumped up. >> that happened on a airliner coming to the bay area. a violent incident delayed passengers for two hours last night before take off from miami to san francisco. it began with two men acting strangely and ended with one punching the pilot. >> american airlines flight 1755 arrived two hours late without two passengers. >> they were acting erratic. you know, suspicious. like they were drunk and, um, bothering organize passengers. >> reporter: one of the men says police couldn't be roused to fasten his seatbelt, suspecting the passengers was drunk. the captain turned the plane and the passengers around and headed back to the gate. >> they were escorted out the door and they were arguing with the captain, they didn't want to leave, and then one of the guys punched the captain in his eye. >> these pictures taken by a passenger reveal how several men came to the pilot's rescue. they held the men down, jonathan
to talk about theshooting. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> our coverage continues online, you can watch the entire interview about how the community helped officers find the gun and the investigation. look under right now. >>> an e-mail ubtined by ktvu channel 2 news detailed how the police chief plans to attack gang violence. police say the victims were not gang members. melanie williams, the daughter of former football player travis williams and an unidentified man water killed. police will launch operation cease fire in two months to focus on gang members. >> they will target them and the gangs they associate with. >> police say fighting between gangs is responsible for an increase in violence. some of the victims, school children. see what parents are doing to protect their kids at 7:00 on tv 36. >>> two men charged with murder in the death of a basketball player pleaded no contest today. hyman taylor was killed in 2010. prosecutors say hyman taylor and cassidy o'connor and ricky anderson were trying to rob a marijuana dealer. a friend of the dealer opened fir
the missing men will be found alive. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the u.s. coast guard has joined the search for the missing fishermen and says conditions of the sea of cortez are favorable to be able to find the fishermen and for their ability to stay alive. >> visibility, weather, condition, water temperature is ideal for survivability. >> a coast guard c130 took off from sacramento and flew to baja to help in the search. this plane is able to stay in the air for eight hours. it's able to cover a larger area than a helicopter and has a larger crew to search for signsover survivors -- signs of survivors. >>> we're hearing from yee about the his life. and what it was like for those fishermen on the boat as the storm hit. >>> a fire burned about 400 acres alongside interstate 580. ktvu tracked its progress during the 5:00 and 6:00 forecast. the fire broke out about 5:30 and was fully contained at 6:30 tonight. a car fire may have provided the spark that started this grass fire. >>> incredible new video of a massive cloud of dust rolling through phoenix. it's called a ha
missing fishermen. still hopeful the missing men will be found alive. reporting live, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the u.s. coast guard has joined the search for the missing fishermen and says conditions of the sea of cortez are favorable to be able to find the fishermen and for their ability to stay alive. >> visibility, weather, condition, water temperature is ideal for survivability. >> a coast guard c130 took off from sacramento and flew to baja to help in the search. this plane is able to stay in the air for eight hours. it's able to cover a larger area than a helicopter and has a larger crew to search for signsover survivors -- signs of survivors. >>> we're hearing from yee about the his life. and what it was like for those fishermen on the boat as the storm hit. >>> a fire burned about 400 acres alongside interstate 580. ktvu tracked its progress during the 5:00 and 6:00 forecast. the fire broke out about 5:30 and was fully contained at 6:30 tonight. a car fire may have provided the spark that started this grass fire. >>> incredible new video of a massive cloud of dust
announcement next week. live, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the board of education gave approval to a rule that give parents more of a say. it gives parents the right to petition for changes at public schools that fail to meet certain bench parks. -- bench marks. >> we make sure that parents will be respected with a voice that we possess. >> the rules take effect after a public comment period. >>> survivors ofsurvivors of the ship wreck will become part of an investigation. ktvu's patty lee is live in san francisco where a memorial service was held for the only passenger confirmed dead. >> reporter: today's service was a chance to honor a life loss and for survivors to share their story as. >> reporter: outside the service of leslie yee survivors of the trip shared stories. >> that's the last thing i was thinking, i am going to die. >> reporter: he fears the fate of his other brother who is still missing. >> prosecutors are investigating this. >> reporter: they are the only survivors interviewed so far by authorities but investigators plan to interview others here in northern cal
in which demonstrators voiced their anger following this past weekend's deadly police shooting. ktvu's ken pritchard is live at the bay view opera house now live. >> reporter: i was just inside the bay view opera house were more than a hundred people were gathered to hear. the march last night ended with vandalism and arrests which some say is hurting their cause against police in this case. police say it was members of black block or black anarchists that marched down the street last night. businesses were forced to lock their doors to protect employees and customers. fernando kosta was working in this cell phone store. >> we saw a large group walking down, they all had bandannas and ski masks. when i started seeing the ski masks, we were definitely worried. >> reporter: they were protesting the police shooting of ken eths harding -- kenneth harding. community leaders angry with police say they don't agree with the anarchist vandalism. >> they ridicule us in the corporate media and also in the mind of people who are trying so hard to save lives. >> reporter: misha razzi says she sympathiz
downsizing in all levels seems to be a permanent thing. tom vacar, ktvu news. >>> the governor signed the state budget just one day before the new fiscal year began. the spending plan includes cuts to higher education, welfare and the court. the governor hinted he hasn't given up on putting a tax measure on the ballot. >> before we get finished, i bet we're going to have to go back to the people and get their vote on how we're going to do things going forward. >> reporter: the budget relies on optimistic revenue projection. if that money doesn't come through more cuts will be made. >>> the gop is claiming victory because the budget does not include the tax extensions the governor pushed for. >> our agenda was to put the money back in the taxpayers pocket. our agenda was to prioritize with what dollars we had and put them in a place where we feel are more important to taxpayers. >> reporter: the president of the howard jarvis taxpayers association says lower taxes will help everyone and hopefully will jump start the economy. has a complete break down. you can also watch more o
. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more details on that accident. officials say 19 of the 35 people rescued were u.s. tourists. the other 16 were mexican crew members. >>> new details about that deadly shooting at bart station in san francisco. ktvu's david stevenson tells us one key question is why did thorses not use their taser. -- the officers not use their tasers. >> reporter: 93 we are hearing from people who were here. he says he heard 4-5 shots as officers confronted and shot to death a man inside san francisco's station. bart chief of police says it began at 9:35 p.m. about a call about a white male. >> there was a white male subject walking around that platform with a open bottle of alcohol. >>> the two officers, one with six years experience, the other 18 months, arrived at 99:45. within a minute the suspect had been shot. >> the guy is armed with a knife, used the bottle as a weapon. one of the officers is injured. our officers used the force they felt was necessary in defense of their lives. >> reporter: the injured officers suffered a minor cut. both officers are on a
. >>> to the jaycee dugard kidnapping. they tried to destroy some of the videotapes. ktvu's ken pritchett tells us why the prosecution is calling a decision unconscionable. >> reporter: in the last hour i concluesed a interview with the district attorney who says he is talking about new information with the hopes of highlighting the massive problems that lead to the kidnap and captivity and in the hopes of changing the system. he released several documents and videos of the garridos. restoring acid burned videotapes. nancy garrido pretending to videotape phillip garrido. another video show as patrol agent inspecting the home. documents that were released show as patrol officer decided in 1988 that it was too much of a hassle to monitor phillip garrido. a year later everything phillip garrido said one doctor said seemed to be an act. but he says the biggest problem was phillip garrido release in the first place after four separate rapes attributed to phillip garrido. he was sentenced to 50 years for one of the attacks. >> for someone like that to be released is unconscionable. the biggest short coming
been helping with the search. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the marine says all six crew members were hospitalized after a helicopter crashed today. the crash happened around noon in the training area of the north end of the base. the helicopter involved was a u1y, a yankee. >>> police called off their search for a missing bicyclist after the man was spotted near sacramento. anthony martin was seen yesterday in roseville. police say he didn't appear to be in distress. his girlfriend reported him missing on saturday. >>> new clues in the search for a person who walked into a gallery and walked out with a picasso. ktvu's david stevenson is here now with the surveillance video. >> reporter: the picasso thief. today we got a look at it the suspect captured by this surveillance video. >> reporter: a man that police say resembles the suspect in yesterday's theft of a picasso from this art gallery. >> it is similar, close, he is seen wearing a dark jacket, loafers with no socks and he has a painting. >> reporter: the 1965 picasso was for sale at $200,000. the thief took it from the wall, wal
will be cut in san jose. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> taking care of legal matters in san francisco is expected to take longer due to state budget cuts. the court said it is laying off 40% of its staff and closing 25 courtroom ast the end of september. the reason? the state budget cut a lot of money from the court system. >> the governor and the legislature have so brazenly used the judicial branch as their atm. >> it's not just the courts in san francisco suffering, coming up we will have a report from santa clara county for a look at another area's troubles. >>> was a police brew tally or a justified killing? ktvu's david stevenson is here with a new audio recording that police say backs up their claim that the suspect fired first. >> reporter: new details about the officer involved shooting. they are calling it a case of police brootally. >> stand up and fight for human rights. >> reporter: a rally drew about 150 people. angry about the saturday afternoon shooting of a seattle parolee. >> we an independent fbi investigation of this homicide. >> reporter: investigators say 19-year
they can reopen this is a public performance space. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> company said it is day-to- day gave the go-ahead today to try to qualify not about measure to legalize marijuana. the station regulate and tax marijuana as it does wine and beer. people who grow marijuana would not be taxed the doses that would be regulated by california's alcohol and beverage control. they need 14.5 million signatures to get on next year's ballot. >>> ab144 he is wanted to does that is aimed at the company gmac and will allow company residents to get grants for colleges. >>> consider passengers catching a break, airline ticketing creative in making a few bucks. >>> are you ready for some football? we will hear from the 49ers. >> another unseasonably mild state over the bay area. coming up, a switch that will drive our temperatures back to normal and what you can expect for your tuesday. [ male announcer ] this... is the montrose pet hospital -- montrose, california. in here, anarchy meets order. working with at&t, doctors set up a broadband solution to handle data and a mobility
tom vacar ktvu channel 2 news. >>> for the latest plans, visit >>> the labor issue behind today's canceled flights. >>> the bay area microclimate is back in full force and the warmest day of the upcoming weekend. >> after treating thousands of wounded troops and even presidents for more than a century, walter reed army hospital is closing its doors. the army hugged families at the historic medical center today predicted that machines will be moves to the medical center in bethesda, maryland. this comes four years it was discovered wounded troops were hospitalized in the standard living conditions. >>> continental airlines canceled to flights today. it was not enough pilots to fly the planes. a check as they were ambushed as they outgoing flights were -- a check at san francisco abler shows that three outgoing flights were canceled. >> reporter: about 300 former union workers carted into the united out of workers hall today to find a new job or career. it stages first on job fair, allowing people to go through retraining for other fields street elizabeth bachmann takes biot
to victor martin when he was on a lay over tonight and he says he is glad to be coming home. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> san francisco police released the names of two suspects in connection with a shooting on friday where a bullet struck a young girl. shadon caprice mitchell and lazarus thomas were arrested. the bullet struck a girl and the shooting was gang related and may have stemmed from a argument. the girl is in critical condition. >>> we learned today what authority found in the home of one of the us spects accused of beating san francisco giants' fan bryan stow. one suspect may have also been involved in other attacks that night. >> reporter: we have obtain these documents that show one of the defends a-- defendants attacked two other suspects and bragging may have put them on lapd's radar. these stetches take us inside the los angeles courtroom where the arraignments of louie sanchez and marvin norwood were delayed. disappointing news to bryan stow's girlfriend. >> frustrated. i just want this to happen already. >>> louie sanchez and marvin norwood are facing felony charges for willf
, ktvu news. >>> there's a growing backlash against netflix with thousands of people complaining on facebook. the company is raises it's customer rate from $10 to $16. now hundreds are threatening to quit. >>> block buster is hoping to take advantage of customers who are unhappy with netflix. the company is offering customers one month free. customers must sign up for one disk or two disk at a time offer. >>> a witness says this crashed happened just before 9:00 tonight. a car came speeding down, then careened into the garage of a home. the car clipped a portion of that garage and then kept ongoing. one person was taken to the hospital in critical condition. >>> a fire this afternoon chased tenants from an 18 unit apartment in san francisco. firefighters say the flames burned inside the walls of the building. ktvu's amber lee is live in the city's laurel heights neighborhood where some tenants told her they have lost everything. >> reporter: frank now we can see red cross workers over there helping displaced tenants who tell us they are still in shock over what happened. we're go
somerville. ktvu's amber lee is live in san francisco where fans say they may be more cautious now, amber. >> reporter: frank, we're at at&t park where a game is still going on inside right now. the death of a baseball fan in texas trying to catch one of these is on the minds of people here tonight. many families packed into the ballpark to see the giants play the mets looking for a good time. some hoping for a free souvenir by the way of a foul ball. >> have you ever gone for a ball that flew your way. >> absolutely. we were just talking about one we caught last season. >> reporter: but last night, this man trying to catch a ball thrown by josh hamilton fell and died. his 6-year-old son was next to him when he fell. >> i can't think, what they are going through right now. >> reporter: fans say catching a souvenir ball is part of the experience of going to a game but they would like to see higher railings to prevent accidents. some fans say they plan to be more careful. >> if it's closer to us, then we will reach for it. but if it's to a point where we're leaning over something, we need t
coverage continues on, you will find more videos of the families. >>> police call off the search for a bicyclist reported missing after he was spotted in the foot hills. police say a clerk saw antoine mackey in roseville yesterday. his girlfriend reported him missing when he didn't return home from a bike ride. he is no longer considered missing. >>> doctors and nurses join the fight to save st. luke's hospital in san francisco. ktvu's rob roth reports on today's protest and the financial stand off that has patients caught in the middle. >> reporter: he suffers from diabetes and doesn't know what he would do without st. lukes, the only hospital in the area. >> all of my doctors are in st. lukes. i could come right here for everything. >> doctors and nurses rallied today, hoping to save the hospital that saves the lives of low-income patients. >> if they close the access to hospital care will be diminished and that's a problem for day to day healthcare. in the event of a crisis it would be devastating. >>> the medical center or cpmc organized today's protest. they say
. ktvu's tara moriarity joins us live from san francisco now with details. good afternoon, tara. >> reporter: good afternoon, tori. that's right, within the hour we should be hearing whether or not uc regents board has voted for against the proposed tuition hikes. now, there are a couple students here and quite a police presence inside and out. in case things were to get out of hand. students dressed up in disney costumes to call attention to monica lozano who sits on the board, but disney's corporate board as well, with tax breaks with millions last year. so that's a conflict of interest they say. what is on the table this afternoon, a nearly 10% tuition increase on top of an already proposed 8% hike. alex transfers here in the fall and says he's already racked up debt paying for community college. >> you finally get to the uc, and there's nothing there for you there either. >> frustrating? >> i definitely agree. >> the state has $650 million, just two days before the start of the fiscal year, and this put the uc system in a pinch. >> we don't like it, but we've got to live wi
days ago. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> police released the identity today of a woman who's body was sit on fire and left in an upscale neighborhood of oakland. police say the victim was monica rodon of union city. her body was found early yesterday morning in the rock ridge neighborhood. investigators believe she may have been killed elsewhere then dumped on the street and set on fire. rodas had a young son and relatives who live in oakland and union city. >>> some business owners in oakland say starting today they have a new tool to stop criminals in their tracks. ktvu's rob roth is live now in the fruit district with a look at how security cameras may help police cut down on crime. >> reporter: we're on international boulevard in the fruitvale direct and this is the first of the new cameras the city is installing. the cameras mounted outside. it was here the owner jesus chuy campus was gunned down during a robbery in april. >> in three months, my father was murdered unjustly. the restaurant was robbed yet again. and thirdly a man was shot outside of the r
was inside. now that they know, they are horrified. ktvu's rob roth tells us what police found inside an abandoned u-haul truck. rob. >> reporter: frank, we're in geary near 17th avenue in front of walgreens. authorityings have towed the car that was parked right here -- authorities have towed the car that was parked right here and people we talked to said the whole thing is just eerie. police were found after a walgreens employee opened the truck and found a dead body inside. >> they have not requested the san francisco police on the detail. >> reporter: which tells us what? >> right now it's an unattended death and until the coroner gives us details, it's not considered a homicide. >> reporter: people say they walked by it barely paying it any attention all the while a dead body was inside. >> nobody thought anything, it was just a regular parked car and it wasn't moved for a while. about a week maybe. >> reporter: what do you think now? >> a little uncomfortable actually. somebody finding a body. >> reporter: the medical examiner needs to run tests to determine how the man died. u-
to students here at uc berkeley. rob roth, ktvu channel two news. >>> the cost of an education at the university of california has shot up in recent years. after staying under $300 for decades the fees started to decline briefly after 1970. campus fees by 1985 were more than 1,300. in 1985 students paid more than $4,100 a year. in 2005 the fees were $5,800. tuition is now more than $12,000 a year. >>> a controversial bill became law today to include lessons on gays in their textbooks. >>> fire crews are looking the aftermath of a fire. flames broke out at the altamont farm. the fire was first reported shortly after noon today. it was contained about 3:30, power lines were in danger for a time but there was no threat disruptured. gusty winds in the area made fighting this fire even tougher. >>> we have a live picture now to show you in the past hour, san francisco firefighters put out a two alarm fire at an apartment complex in the city's precidio heights neighborhood. it was at 9300 heather avenue. as you can see here from this live picture on the ground firefighters are still
, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> our scam a was there at powell and market when san francisco police took at least one man into custody. protesters had walked up powell. disrupting the cable line there. san francisco police tell us the arrest was for public intoxication. >>> b.a.r.t. officials are clearly unhappy about this evening's event. there will be consequences if something like this happens again. >> if these protesters wish to behave in unfit behavior, we will deal with them. >> b.a.r.t. called the death of hill unfortunate. >>> the uncle of oscar grant showed up for today's protest and reiterated his family's message to the demonstrators. >> we as a family, you know openly said to the public or to the community that whatever is the best way for you to resolve the pain that are this side of you concerning this issue when it comes to b.a.r.t. police shootings, you have to express that. >> reporter: johnson urged b.a.r.t. to disarm its officers. his nephew oscar grant was shot and killed on new years day 2009 by then police officer mehserle. you will find more informatio
impact on the community including a shelter in place order that lasted for five hours. we begin with ktvu's jana katsuyama who's live at the plastics yard where the fire raged all afternoon, jana. >> reporter: and frank we pulled up right to this yellow line so we can show you what's going on right now. there is a fire ladder truck that's back there. that's because in the last few hours there was another flair up. they've been having these periodically. we understand there's an island of unburned bins. we understand that they are going in with a forklift to try to break those bins apart. it appears to have been employees who were working in the area. the smoke rose in a black column that could be seen from fairfield to sacramento. huge stacks of agriculture bins had caught fire outside the macro plastic plant. >> it does appear we had employees working with an open flame object, whether that be a blow torch. >> it's a hydrocarbon based material. it's the same official as if you were seeing a tire fire. very thick black smoke. >> reporter: fire companies from all districts were called in.
ktvu they saw a lot of illegal activity in the area. >>> new at 7:00, thousands of households in morgan hill are without power tonight street 7000 customers had lost electricity. it was first reported about 4:20 p.m. this afternoon. the trouble lies with a cable failure. >>> fans of seven bay area fishermen are headed to mexico, hoping to bring them home safely. mexican authorities say 37 people on the boat had been accounted for including two men in the middle of this picture. friends confirmed that les yee did not survive. the other three men are among the seven missing. >> no one knows who got off where. there was no time to put a life jacket on the. >> the coast guard sent a crew. given the clear visibility, warm weather and water temperatures they are optimistic that the men will be found alive. >>> authorities say a father of three was pulled into a deep water current. ken pritchett takes a closer look. >> it is warm and very comfortable. >> reporter: there is quite a difference between this river and the american river but sergeant ed haner says looks can be deceiving. >> all you
is far enough along that he can keep it going. maureen naylor and, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> cisco systems announced plans to eliminate 5200 employees. they also said the layoffs will include 15% of employees at or above the level of vice president. >>> ibm announced earnings that beat analyst forecasts. the company also upped its revenue outlook for the rest of the a pretty came after the closing bell. >>> on wall street, stocks open lower in the new concerns about the european debt crisis. until lost 94-point -- the dow lost 94 points. >>> today a company rejected the offer following it -- calling it inadequate. they said that they undervalued the company paid a '09 .4% of clorox and is the company's larger shareholder. >>> picketers demonstrated today in front of the airport demanding the airline apologized to 20-year-old deshon marman. police arrested him after he ignored requests to pull up his sagging pants. he said he is filing a lawsuit against u.s. airways. >> i felt like i was being targeted. you know, attacked, and harassed or how they chose to pick people in line. >> they say t
afternoon. reporting live, david stevenson, ktvu. >>> an oakland father on life support trying to feed the homeless after an incident. it happened in east oakland. police say a good samaritan known as brother john was with his wife and two young daughters when they pulled over in their van to offer a homeless man some fish and chips. investigators say that is when a gunman pulled up alongside them, starting to shoot at the family. >> they were just trying to do a good deed, feeding people less fortunate than they were. >> he is a good guy, a church guy, bringing food around to people. and he and his wife, all night long took food to people. >> officials say the 29-year- old father suffered life- threatening injuries. his wife was hit by a bullet, his child struck in the arm. the wife and daughter are expected to recover. a seven-year-old girl in the van was not hurt. police tonight are trying to identify a suspect and motive for the shooting. >>> the district attorney says he will not file charges against two men suspected in a san francisco shooting that injured an 11-year-old girl. p
on ktvu channel 2 news. >>> anger in the streets of the city's bayview district after san francisco police department shoot and kill a man on a city sidewalk. >> good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> hello, i'm heather holmes. police are reviewing cell phone video that may back up officers' accounts of how they killed a man and that man wasn deed armed. the anonymous video posted on youtube shows the scene moments after police shot the 19-year- old man. here it is. you can see the large crowd that gathered near 3rd and oakdale along with several police officers roping off the area. if you look closely, there is some sort of shiny object. there it is in the lower right- hand corner of your screen. the person who posted the video says that is a gun and that someone in a hooded sweatshirt picked it up. later you can see a person wear a gray hoodie pick up something else and that appears to be a cell phone. ktvu's debora villalon joins us live from san francisco with the latest, debra. >> well, this incident ended here, but it actually started on 3rd street on that muni platform. when we brought y
novato. more coming up at 10:00. maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a holiday outing turned tragic today. a man drowned after helping his companion into a kayak. they were swimming and got caught in a current at 2:15. the dive team is helping to search for the body. >>> a happy ending to a search for a missing hiker. he became separated while hiking. crews were searching by air and with canine teams. this morning a helicopter spotted the teacher in an open area. we are told she is okay. bruised and scratched but that's it. >>> new information is coming out about that deadly police shooting last night at a bart station in san francisco but there are questions about what happened last night. here is david stevenson who is in san francisco tonight. >> the shooting prompted the closure of this station last night. today we are learning more about the suspect. >> reporter: bart police say it was a routine call a man carrying alcohol at the station. it ended in his death after he wheeled a knife and a bottle against two officers. the officers, one with six years experience, the other 18 m
starts in august. jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> university of california regents are also considering another tuition hike. they are meeting at the ucsf campus as they expect a $150 million loss in state funding. if approved, tuition will go up to $100 a year. >> the u.s. coast guard has finished its search for the seven fishermen. one man is confirmed dead and most of the missing are from the bay area. a facebook posts as they are looking into hiring a dive team as a last resort. >>> a jury in marin county convicted james mitchell of first-degree murder in the beating death of his ex- girlfriend. we just spoke with mitchell's attorney who said his client was calm as the verdict was read. the jury also found mitchell guilty of kidnapping and other charges be he could be sent to prison for 34 years to life but the jury did not find a special circumstance of murder during a kidnapping making mitchell eligible for parole. >>> at this hour police are investigating a shooting that left one person injured pit it happened around 5:00 p.m. near barbers point road near the old air
to answer how to fix the problem. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> good afternoon, topping our news a lot of people are leaving town for the 4th of july weekend. kraig debro to explain weather there are any changes. >> slight changes. california anies are traveling but not as many as last year but if you just look at the method of travel the numbers are going up. the morning rush hour pat the airport, a friday before the long weekend is the kind of traffic jam most people don't mind. aaa says there will be a 1.7% increase in air travel among californians this weekend. >> it is a trend that people will travel, maybe closer to home. people are still going to travel and especially for 4th of july. >> she says the 4th is second only to thanksgiving. people we spoke with seconded that. travelers say the economy makes them cut back, just not when it comes to the 4th of july travel. >> 4th of july usually it is a whole more -- family comes together as a household, some family's member's house and we just have a get together. >> a must do
, but if people seasonal in the air they should be cautious in csi. jana katsuyama college ktvu channel to use. >>> -- channel two news. >> vibrators are also putting water on the flames sweeping income and they was data likely throughout the night. we'll keep covering this developing story right here. be sure to stay with ktvu for continuing coverage could we have crews remaining and the ability to the development and will have more information coming up in the senate authors. >>> you can also go to our website at "tmz" is up next right here on tv 36 to find a video of this fire as well as a sideshow with images. >> the bay area air quality management says the settlement covers 46 incident at the refinery between two dozen six in 2009. they include exceeding standards or polluted and failure to repair leaking equipment. >>> law enforcement and garlic officers were on a manhunt today looking for prisons are prisons who fired shots at police officers -- a person or persons who fired shots at police officers beat it happened to than a police officer radioed that he was under fire. he returned f
: and the suspect is being held on $5 million bail. live in san francisco, sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> tonight we know the identity of the man shot and killed by b.a.r.t. police officers on sunday. the san francisco medical examiner says the man is 45- year-old charles hill. his city of residence is unknown. b.a.r.t. police say hill threatened officers with a broken bottle before being killed. but they have interviewed a witness who says the suspect was not running or threatening police when he was killed. >>> a woman was held for 20 minutes on tuesday morning as three men robbed her spruce street home. she was not hurt. detectives are also investigating a check cashing business. >>> hackers have targeted a symbol of silican valley invasion and technological advancement. robert handa is live now at the tech museum in san jose with how the hackers got in. robert-- >> reporter: julie, it was alarmingly simple. here's how the museum and public were victimized. first people went to the museum website and created accounts in order to attend special events. but the website and the accou
still they are thankful to be here. debra villalon, ktvu news. >>> another bay area survivor of the fishing boat disaster arrived in gilroy this morning with an emotional plea for search teams in mexico. >> find the seven. they are all good people. >> reporter: lee ikogami would not talk specifically about the ordeal but he said just getting home was a struggle. the truck he and a friend were driving back in broke down south of the u.s. border forcing them to take a greyhound bus back to gilroy. >>> family members of one of the missing men donald lee said today they had been speaking with congresswoman jackie spears office to see if the search would continue. >> reporter: federal investigators arrived this morning own spent the morning inspecting the charred plane before going ahead with plans to send it to a near by facility. the plane went down, then witnesses say it crashed into a closed unoccupied medical building. on board the howton family of santa cruz. relatives confirm that 44-year- old pilot david, wife and mother didi and son 12-year-old luke and 10-year-old ryan w
. >> >> this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >>> one day after this rowdy protest over a recent fatal police shooting, the incident is a project for the bart leadership. controversy over the latest officer-involved shooting at bart. this morning, one day after protesters swarmed that bart platform and train, bart police reviewed to talk about the incident. joining us live from oakland with more. did protesters show up there as well? >> reporter: they did. the first meeting wrapped up an hour ago inside the bart headquarters, speakers aired concerns and the board responded in a question and answer fashion. this man, charles hill, did not have to die. he could have been tackled or treated in a very different way. >> officers are trained to shoot at center mass to stop the threat and they're not taught to kill people. >> reporter: we caught the chief before the meeting today where he knew he would have to answer questions surrounding the shooting death of a 45-year-old man, charles hill, by two bart police officers on july 3. the man was wielding a knife and broken bottle on that d
. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a san francisco man who was known to generations of kids simply as santa has died. john tumi was santa claus at macy's. last year he gained attention after macy's fired him after what it called an inappropriate joke. tumi was found dead in his hotel room. the cause of his death has not yet been known but he was said to have respiratory troubles and diabetes. >>> a defense attorney today said the death of a san francisco man who's burned body was found in a park was a horrible accident. 23-year-old freddy aldwel was found june 10 in buena vista park. today diaz pled not guilty to his death. the attorney says diaz panicked and set the body on fire. the coroner has not yet released the official cause of death. >>> the man charged with killing four northern california women has been told he must pay for his own lawyer. a marine county superior court judge told joseph naso he must use part of his $1 million in assets to defend himself. the 77-year-old had decided to defend himself but then changed his mind. >>> janine harm
. in richmond, ken pritchett, ktvu news. >>> developing news in union city right now. where just 30 minutes ago police arrested a burglary suspect after a tense day long man hunt. it's a story we brought you live at 5:00. we just got this new video into the ktvu newsroom of officers taking the man into custody on gene drive near roseway. this all started at about 10:15 this morning when a homeowner reported a man breaking into a house. officers rushed to the scene. >> we're immediately fired upon by an unknown suspect, the officers returned fire. >> s.w.a.t. officers then set up a several block perimeter to try to contain the suspect. we'll have more on bay area news 37 at 6:00. >>> within the last 20 minute, ktvu has learned that 80 people were arrested outside the hyatt hotel. the protest began before 5:00 this evening and we brought it to you live. the workers are calling for an end of what they call work force abuse. >>> in fairfield a man is in custody tonight after police say he nearly chokedded his 75- year-old mother to death and also threatened her with a gun -- nearly choked his 75-y
tests come back in a few weeks. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a fire that damaged a school was arson. flames were reported last night at skyline elementary school on christian avenue. north county fire authorities spokesperson says the fire was started at three different locations outside the class rooms. telephones, computers were destroyed. the class rooms were used by special ed students. >>> the second shooting in a week. ktvu's christian has more. . >> police said the latest shooting happened long this trail. they say the 14-year-old victim was walking long this very trail with friends and a group of teens were firing a stolen hand gun. he is expected to survive but neighbors tell me that's one example of how dangerous the trail really is. >> reporter: police spent the day collecting shell casing connect would the shooting. investigators say the 14-year- old victim was with a group of other teens and they were drinking and firing a stolen gun. >> in the process oaf doing that on the trail behind me, our victim was shot. >> this shooting comes a week after a gunman shot
soon. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> now again that fire started about 3.5 hours ago. i want to show you more live pictures now from news chopper 2 which is overhead. you can see there is not nearly as much smoke as it was earlier. although there is still pretty decent amount of smoke but at its height there was so much thick black smoke that you can literally see it for miles. we continue our coverage with sal castaneda. >> reporter: we're standing in this neighborhood here which is a mile west of where the fire is. you can see these houses, a little bit earlier people were outside looking at it and along the street people have been showing up to stand here and watch. since early this afternoon, people have been drawn to the fire but have been kept away by police. many say they have never seen a cloud like this, some standing near the fire have seen debris falling from the sky. this man had little white specks on his t shirt. >> sometimes little pieces of it fall on you and they put a little burn on you. >> reporter: people started to get nervous as the fire flai
apartment building early this morning. ktvu channel 2 reporter allie rasmus joins us now to talk about how this fire started. allie. >> reporter: well, firefighters say the smoke detector in that apartment unit was not going off when they arrived, however the unit's sprinkler system did activate. and firefighters say that may have helped save the mother and her baby daughter's life. it all happened around 2:00 this morning at the hill top commons apartments in san pablo. we are not allowed on the property, but earlier this morning we did get inside the apartment building where this all started. firefighters say the woman who lives there fell asleep with a pot on the stove. the smoke triggered the apartment's sprinkler system and that system also alerted neighbors there was a problem. >> there was water coming underneath the apartment door of the unit next to my unit where -- and i could smell the smoke coming out of the unit. >> the threat was not from fire. the threat was from smoke. the bedroom door was open. the entire apartment was charred full of smoke and another five minutes it woul
and hours and hours. reporting live, tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> news chopper 2 caught the amazing size of the pitch black cloud that the fire set off into the sky. a shelter-in-place is still in effect right now. but now that things are dying down, near by residents fears are dying down as well. sal castaneda live in fairfield when he spoke to residents. >> reporter: i want to show you how close we are to the fire. you can see still thick black smoke rising from the plastic plant. now we're just about a mile, maybe a little bit less than a mile away from it. so i want jacob our photographer to just show us here this neighborhood which is you know rather close. people earlier this afternoon were standing at their porches just looking at this fire. and people are gathered in many spots and watched the thick black smoke. less than a mile away, this neighborhood was right underneath the cloud but that didn't daunt leslie williams. she and her family stood outside and watched any way. >> tons of smoke overhead and just trying to watch it with binoculars to make sure it didn't hit the g
on today's developments. stay with ktvu news for continuing coverage as we get more information on this case and the new suspects. we will bring it to you both on air and online at >>> firefighters tonight have contained a grass fire that threatened homes in morgan hill. the fire broke out this afternoon near mcdonald lane and diana avenue. that's just east of highway 101 near the dunn avenue exit. the fire burned about 20 acres before it was contained tonight. helicopter and planes were called in to help douse the flames. crews from santa clara county, san jose and calfire were all called to the scene. >>> investigators are working to find out what sparked a fast moving fire there that destroyed two houses this afternoon and spread to near by grassland. it happened off of tyse valley boulevard along castle glen and creek dale road. eric rasmussen is live and tells us a dog helped rescue one woman. >> reporter: a dog started barking like crazy when the flames got close. the fire stopped just short of this house. but two others up the hill were not as lucky. hot temper
wayne, ktvu news. >>> a bear was shot and killed in tahoe after it wandered into a grocery store. the 350-pound bear walked up right to surprised shoppers sitting in an outdoor table. a wildlife crew captured and killed the bear. this is the third time that the bear had to be captured by wildlife workers. >>> ktvu news uncovered new information about the two men now charged in the bryan stow beating case. norwood and sanchez appeared in a los angeles courtroom today. the arraignment was put off until next month. so his girlfriend told us over the phone that the delay is frustrating. >> i just want justice to be served. i want them to receive the maximum penalty for their actions. >> reporter: we obtained court documents that detail another incident allegedly committed by sanchez that same night for throwing something at a woman who was wearing a giant's shirt. and the law enforcement source tells us that fans in the same section as norwood and sanchez reported them to authorities for acting like quite belligerent aggressive -- like quote, belligerent, aggressive jerks. >>> happen
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